Monday, January 4, 2010

Public Meeting Notice - Old Allentown Streetscape

When: January 6, 2010; 6:30pm
Where: OAPA office 147 N. 10th Street
Why: Old Allentown Streetscape

This will be a multi-purpose meeting to discuss the design
progress for developing a Standard Streetscape Design for
the entire historic district. Design components include
brick sidewalks, period style street signs, period style
lighting, trash receptacles, tree well surrounds, etc. A
sample prototype can be seen at the corner of Turner and
Fountain Streets which was constructed this year as part of
the park development.

There will also be discussion relative to a Street Tree
Master Plan for the entire district. An inventory of all
the existing trees within the district will be presented and
discussed as well as plans for the future tree plantings.

Finally you will hear about plans to implement a portion of
the Streetscape Improvements using a $444,000 appropriation
that has been obtained from the State.

This is your opportunity to voice opinions, concerns, and
offer ideas that will benefit your neighborhood. Please
forgive the short notice for this meeting. The $444k needs
to be spent by September '10, so we need to move quickly.

The meeting will be hosted by current board president and
streetscape consultant Chris Brown.

PLEASE ATTEND - Your input is extremely valuable.

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Joyce Marin said...

How did the meeting go?